Tea making - super important ;)

We've used our last plastic heat sealed teabag!! All tea bags that are crimped or pressed together have a fine layer of plastic in them so they can be melted together on the edges. The only bags without the plastic are individually wrapped bags that are closed with a staple rather than heat sealed.

I was quite shocked when I discovered that. But it did explain why there were still tea bag skins in our compost even after two years! I am guessing that they will be lasting a lot longer than that.

We've been transitioning to loose tea slowly. But now we have no other drinkable tea in the house. My Mum and Dad have a stash of Tetley tea bags here for when they visit but I don't like the taste of them.

Attempts at making loose tea were going pretty well. My Nan and Grandad always used loose tea until they got into their 80s, so I knew the basics. Warm the pot, a spoon per person and one for the pot, water that is still boiling and don't forget to stir it!

I found though that there was a lot of wasted tea. The first cup from the pot always tasted great, but if went back for a second it was super strong and felt like it was stripping the enamel off my teeth! Then I had a brainwave and now I have delicious just right tea all morning. I brew up then pour the whole pot into a thermos flask. Now I can have the right strength tea anytime. The thermos keeps it super hot all day and it doesn't stew.

Why oh why did I not think about this when I had babies, toddlers, extreme sleep deprivation and absolute chaos in every aspect of my life!!! Doh doh doh.

I reckon this method saves a bit of money from not wasting the tea, but also from not wasting gas by needing to boil the kettle multiple times. We're not on a water meter but I would guess that it saves a bit of water too.