Money, money, money!

Hey lovely internet world :D

I have not posted on here for soooo long! There has been a lot going on in our lives. Nightmare stress out involving our jobs, restructure and a redundancy, job interviews for both of us, new jobs, trying to sell our old house. It's been all so gah and tiring.

I am very grateful that we have relatively simple lives. This has undoubtedly helped just about keep us all sane. We also have amazing friends and family who have helped us hold it all together.

One thing that became very obvious during this bumpy time is how fragile we are financially. We have a loan, some credit card debts, a bit of an overdraft towards the end of the month, and the usual mortgage and bills to pay. Nothing out of the ordinary or wildly excessive. All of our own doing.

We have made lifestyle choices that mean that we are not earning as much as we could. My Hubster and I both work only part time to allow us to be at home more to enjoy our kids growing up. Those part time jobs are skilled jobs and above minimum wage, but we only have enough to cover the basics. We certainly don't have cash for extras like cable/sky, holidays abroad, gym membership, a house with more than 2 bedrooms, a car that's less than 10 years old, putting more than £50 quid of petrol in the car a month. (Side note - £50 doesn't get you as many miles as it once did. I just paid £1.24 a litre!! Why are people not rioting in the streets?) But damn we are very happy with our work life balance and our choices. I am not moaning. I am just trying to give a picture of our income levels and outgoings without publishing my bank statements online. :)

Where am I going with this post.... I guess the whole experience of the past 6 months has brought well and truly into focus the whole issue of money. In the past we have tried really hard to pay off our debts and to save. But after probably a decade of trying we are still not debt free. We are much closer to it, but there is still a long way to go and even further to go to nail the mortgage.

When I was analyzing all of our outgoings I was shocked at how much debt costs us (£356 a month on unsecured debts). When you have the fear of losing your job, that is £356 you really need to use for essentials like food! We do pay more way more than the minimum repayments in an attempt to shift the debts faster. If we just paid the minimums it would probably be half that amount. But I dream of the day when I can keep all of my hard earned cash to myself!

As we have just turned into Autumn I have a renewed focus on getting us out of debt and even freer. It's magical how the change in seasons inspires activity in me to move and grow.

I am a bit of an emotional splurger. The less I have the more I want to spend! I also have some old beliefs that I need to work through if I am going to be able to tap into some abundant thinking. Ideas like 'I will never have much money', 'money is the root of all evil', "people have more money than sense." It's interesting how our old beliefs can keep us from achieving the achievable, and block up good stuff flowing into our lives. But I am on it!